Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard

Born 1985 in Denmark, currently lives and works in Copenhagen. She graduated MFA in 2013 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

With Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard the materiality itself is the narrative. Through the physical experience Skovbo Lasgaard maintains a constancy in her practice arising from a focus on the process, the repetition and on a material sensibility. Thus Skovbo Lasgaard leads us into an artistic space where the works invite us to perceive and sense.

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Her sculptural objects and installations are often based around a basic theme: light – heavy. They can be seen as a staged set where the materials speak for themselves: tactility – sensibility – the liquid. The objects are like experiments in plaster, wax, pigments and oil on paper casted in everyday objects like plastic cups, dish wash basins and whatever else is available. The surfaces are fragile and porous, and they evolve. Thus Skovbo Lasgaard maintains a homogeneous focus on the study of the materials, in which she let herself merge with the process of the materials. The process is poetic and physical, the material is liquid to dissolve, transform, stiffen and eventually taken its own form.

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