Philip Grözinger

Philip Grözinger is born 1972 in Braunschweig, Germany, and currently lives and works in Berlin.

Philip Grözinger’s paintings show sinister worlds awash with colour. The settings, with their post-apocalyptic atmosphere, are populated by hybrid creatures and loaded with artifacts of an erstwhile civilization, whose inhabitants have left behind machine-like strongholds, burning skylines, and mysterious equipment.

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Grözinger’s motifs are derived from a vague recollection of science-fiction, Monty Python animation, and other popular images of monsters and aliens.

Grözinger realizes the abstract narratives of his outlandish protagonists in a seeming chaos og oil, acrylic, pastel crayons, and spray paint. On occasion the paint is laid on impasto and finger-thick, then either spread out carefully anew or scraped away. At times, the various surface structures produced in this manner allow the paint itself to become another (alien) object and an intrinsic part of the image.

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