Artist’s Choice

Mette Vangsgaard, Louise Sparre, Silas Inoue, Toke Flyvholm, Rasmus Rosengaard, Marie Søndergaard Lolk
14 November – 20 December 2014

Marie Kirkegaard is looking forward to welcome you to the group exhibition Artist’s Choice, showing new works by three of our gallery artists: Mette Vangsgaard, Silas Inoue and Rasmus Rosengaard. In addition, they have also been asked each to invite an artist of their own choice to guest the gallery in this exhibition; Thus, Mette has invited Louise Sparre, Silas has invited Toke Flyvholm while Rasmus has invited Marie Søndergaard Lolk.

In the light of each of the characteristic expression of these six individual artists, Artist’s Choice is a diverse and material sensory-based group exhibition featuring collages, works on paper and sculptural objects.

Mette Vangsgaard presents two brand new picturesque collages, in which she continues her settings of the museum. Thus, she lifts the veil for a peek into the silent exhibitions halls of various objects from stuffed animals, planets, paintings and other cabinets with geological curiosities. The collages composed of paper scraps, textile and picturesque tracks are not the least a testimony of Vangsgaard’s artistic feeling for within her colour and material consciousness to create highly evocative and often humorous images.

Louise Sparre’s artistic work is also centered around the nature of the collage, and its ability to compose expressions of diverse materials. For several years Sparre has experimented in merging the collage with the sculptural form, and for this exhibition she is presenting new hybrid objects that incorporate the strength of the collage to accommodate a sensory-based materialism with the dynamics and physical spatiality of the sculpture that works by virtue of its presence in space.

Silas Inoue will be showing three brand new works made for this exhibition. The works are created through a painterly process in which he has used covering plastic to generate a synthetic chaos. Within this fragmentary mess various organic growths are contributing to the composition, while they at the same time serve as calligraphic gestures in the picture plane.

Silas has invited Toke Flyvholm for the exhibition. He is working with abstract geometric sculptures, in which he is using formative systems to study the material and aesthetics. His sculptures are formal and precise, which shows his fascination, and use of, industrial and digital production methods.

In relation to the exhibition ˄Ɣ ƪǷ, shown at Overgaden over the Summer, Rasmus Rosengaard and Marie Søndergaard Lolk continue their collaboration in the two new works they have done for this exhibition. The works featuring small individually done pieces that are placed in a dialogue with each other, are thus forming the framework for a spatial encounter between two artists in a shared interest in how specific processes and materials can be used to challenge the boundaries of the painting, and its transition to other media and physical space.