Zven Balslev & Andy Bolus: Gourmeat

3 October – 8 November 2014

It is with great pleasure that Marie Kirkegaard welcomes you to the second exhibition at the gallery of Zven Balslev, who on this occasion has invited one of his favourite artists, the British performer and visual artist Andy Bolus, to exhibit with him. The exhibition presents a series of new individual works as well as a series of paintings created in collaboration, which bind the two artists’ works together in a common grotesque universe, reflecting the garbage sphere of popular culture.

With Zven Balslev, we find a continuation of the production of images inspired by biology and old-fashioned teaching materials, which he had introduced previously in the solo exhibition Cancre, where, with a good dose of black humour, coloured paper cutouts and ceramic objects of amorphous bodies lead us back to the form. In his latest interpretation of human biology, it is human skin in particular which forms the basis for a series of paintings and ceramic works in the exhibition Gourmeat.

In Andy Bolus’ work, modification is the keyword. Thus, for this show he has created a new series of collages made out of material from Italian exploitation comics from the 1960-70’s – the so-called “Fumetti Neri”. Bolus has acquired original panels from such comics at auctions, and cuts and pastes them into strange new pictorial contexts. Furthermore, he will show a series of small paintings conceived on the border between kitsch, sex and horror. Andy Bolus is also a pioneer of ‘circuit-bending’, which consists of the modification of electronic circuits. With humour and great ingenuity he manipulates mass-produced toys and musical instruments, to morph them into infernal and partly uncontrollable audio components.

Born in Britain (1968), Andy Bolus graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester in 1990 and has lived in Paris since 1999. Under the pseudonym Evil Moisture, he has produced a variety of publications and is a respected figure within noise and avant-garde music. At the exhibition Bolus will launch his latest Evil Moisture LP titled World War 5 Maggot Bomber, which comes in a limited edition of 10 copies.

Zven Balslev (b. 1977) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006, and he has since then actively exhibited both nationally and internationally, and is represented at the National Gallery and elsewhere. Balslev has created his very own experimental imagery, with drawing and graphics as his central media, which is a visual extension of artistic styles and concepts such as underground comics, naive art, surrealism and punk. Additionally Balslev is the author of numerous graphic publications, artist books, zines, vinyl records and prints. Through 1998-2010 he was behind the publisher Smittekilde, and today he runs Cult Pump.
Both artists are associated with the French publisher and artists network LE DERNIER CRI.


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