Colour Me Full

– New works by:
John Knuth, Matthew David Smith, Philip Grözinger, Andreas Golder, Henning Kles and DAG

13 November – 19 December 2015

During a season of stark trees and freezing landscapes, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery is delighted to host the group show Colour Me Full, an exhibition that aims to present brand new works by the emerging international artists Philip Grözinger (DE), Andreas Golder (DE), John Knuth (US), Matthew David Smith (UK), Henning Kles (DE), and DAG (DE).

Colour and its multiple variations is the common thread of the exhibition, as well as a focus on the painting practice itself. Colour has been studied, experienced, and theorized for millenniums by writers and painters from ancient Greece to contemporary times. It goes without saying that in the 20th century painters became specialists in the effects of colour. On this occasion and ending 2015, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery presents a tour of colour: a review of its incredible expressive power and its ability to become the subject itself. In fact, colour reflects basic human emotions that are likely to change according to our interpretation. The works exposed in the show emphasize a conscious physical application of paint, as well as a desire to experience and challenge the possibilities that colour can offer. Paintings appear here as unified, cohesive, monolithic images often within series’ of related types. Let the colour invade your senses!

John Knuth’s multifaceted art explores themes of transcendence through alchemical process, transforming mundane materials into extraordinary objects. Knuth draws on destruction as a creative tool, exploring how colours and materials have the potential to transcend their original purpose.

Matthew David Smith’s work encompasses the stimuli of our visual urban world, sympathizing with the colour field painters of the 50s. Smith’s paintings express his interest in the popular culture and the constant juxtaposition of the city, the new and the old.

Philip Grözinger’s paintings show sinister worlds awash with colour. Grözinger’s motifs are derived from science-fiction realms, creating abstract narratives through the combination of oil, acrylic, pastel crayons and spray paint.

Andreas Golder’s skills afford him the freedom to adapt and combine various painterly genres and techniques with surprising results. Golder creates paintings that appear both spontaneous and passionately full of colour.

Henning Kles has focused his artistic career on painting and printmaking, mixing figurative genre with abstract technique. Kles continuously experiences with visuality, using colour as the most expressive entity.

DAG’s art unveils the potentials for bridging the gaps between painting and drawing, design and meditation, between dot, line and colour. Colour becomes the decisive point across, and brush markers reveals DAG’s obsession with unmixed colours.