Jesper Skov Madsen: Air to Surface

22 May – 27 June, 2015

It is with great pleasure that Marie Kirkegaard Gallery welcome you to Jesper Skov Madsen and his solo exhibition, Air to Surface, curated by Camilla Mosekjær Hansen. The exhibition is a Genesis of an oxidation chemistry and the material in its natural autonomy, which take us into an aesthetic and imitative universe.

Jesper Skov Madsen works in an artistic practice with the procesural and uncontrollable creation of divers aesthetic expressions. Without any greater spirituality Jesper Skov Madsen is drawn by a concept of fate. A so called “Meant to be”. As the creator and the artist Jesper Skov Madsen starts a chemical process and breaths life – but the work will always and as it was intended “from the other side” and fulfils its natural prophecy. We are being led into an alchemical laboratory where chemical processes and reactions are being tested, folded, burnt, stained and oxydated. And the result is unpredictable and limitaions of other materials occur as the work had its own inner life, meaning and desire to restore something new.

Jesper Skov Madsen (b. 1982) is currently a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and will be graduating in 2017. He has exhibited at Gallerie Derouillon (Paris) and Martin Asbæk Gallery. In addition to Air to Surface Jesper Skov Madsen is participating in Summer Show with Gallerie Nicolas Hugo (Paris) and several other exhibitions are planned.