Peter Larsen: Siamo I Campioni

January 8 – February 6, 2016

Marie Kirkegaard Gallery wishes you a Joyous and happy New Year. We are very pleased to initiate the year by presenting Peter Larsen, who is visiting the gallery with his solo exhibition Siamo I Campioni.

Peter Larsen will be exhibiting a wide selection of brand new drawings, monotypes and ceramic sculptures, that – as stated by the artist reminds him of the Italian Team of 1982 – hence the title of his show. The works shifts between various categories including abstraction, autobiography and perceptual experimentation. Without preparatory sketches, Larsen sees his art as an attempt to understand forms and shapes; images in his head that through fluid movements of his hands lead, guide and create stunning pieces. The use of his own hands in the creative process is, indeed, the pillar on which he bases his experience of art.

Larsen’s background as a printmaker serves as the first spark of inspiration, where the use of black and white enhances the shape of his figurative drawings and his abstract monotypes. His works are rich and complex, colliding mediums that find balance and poetry with the simplicity of contrasting images and precise ideas of the world we live in. The drawings show strong, dark and imaginary motifs arising from dreaming pictures. Moreover, his ceramic sculptures, colourful three-dimensional representations of his monotypes, reveal a combination of formal beauty and the sensory power of the materials he uses. Inspired by his own reality, Larsen reinterprets the links that go into the creation of our personal memories and the relationship with the world that surround us. References from the French modernism and avant-garde clearly influence his monotypes: pieces that deepen on the movement and body of the shapes he aims to create. In this solo exhibition at Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Larsen definitely compels the viewer to explore his visionary works with unlimited and fresh eyes.

Peter Larsen (b. 1984), lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, Larsen’s work has previously been shown at national as well as international venues, including: Dalian Art Museum, China; Tranen, Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen; Gallery SYF, Warsaw, Poland; TTC Gallery, Copenhagen; and Kaliningrad Graphic Biennale, Russia.