Jacob Jessen: Balancing Act

April 12 – May 20, 2017

“I got a strange icon I’ve never seen before on my Samsung A3. It’s in the top left corner, shaped like an ‘o’ letter, but with the circle broken. Does anybody know what it means? I could not find it anywhere on the web. In the notification swipe screen there is nothing that points at its meaning.”
(Stefano Borino Nov 14 ’15 at 13:13)

Marie Kirkegaard Gallery is pleased to present Balancing Act by Jacob Jessen. In his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Jessen presents a project reflecting on the impact of the digitally based virtual reality on our contemporary existence.

In a new series of works made especially for the exhibition, Jessen has specifically worked with the materials and technologies that frame and form the passages to the digital world. Through this last physical threshold to virtual reality, Jessen seeks to create a physically oriented experience of our virtual schizoid reality, by ’re-directing’ the elements from their intended technological functionality to a kind of new material quality.

For one of his new series of works Jessens has involved the Japanese glass company ’Nippon Electric Glass’, a major producer of glass substrate, the main component of LCD screens, to redirect some of their screens from a commercial production to be exposed by Jessen to an analogue process of coating, transforming the transparency of the glass, its main function, with colours used for coating cars.

In a second series of works Jessen is using the cutting debris of the aluminium industry. Aluminium is the majority part of devices, computers, tablets and phones. Thus insisting on ‘low-technological’ qualities of the specifically advanced materials, their ability to meet other needs than the functions of the virtual, Jessen seeks to transform the virtual potential to yet undefined ‘actual’ qualities. How to navigate everyday life, that increasingly takes place simultaneously in a physical reality and the digital virtual platforms made present of LCD screens and aluminium devices.