Current exhibition

SHABU SHABU – Silas Inoue & Anders Brinch | Love Your Monsters

April 9 – May 15, 2021

Marie Kirkegaard is pleased to welcoming you to the exhibition Love Your Monsters by SHABU SHABU, the artist duo Silas Inoue and Anders Brinch. Love Your Monsters is an ambitious exhibition project first presented at Store Tårn on Christiansø in June-October 2020. Now the exhibition has finally been new-installed, translated and transformed to our gallery space.

Text by Nanna Stjernholm

A strange world of monstrous creatures and willful technologies emerges and takes over the gallery space converting it into an otherworldly ecosystem. A lush canopy of long strings of handmade ceramic beads hang from the ceiling like outstretched, mutated DNA strands. The spherical shape of the ceramic beads multiplies itself throughout the exhibition in a myriad of acrylic globes. The transparent spheres are almost like micro-versions of the exhibition itself: Small universes wrapped in dew drops or in cell-like bubbles, populated by tiny creatures, plastic fragments and plant parts in multiple sealed microcosms.