Anna Bak

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Ghost Dancers, 2015

Riso print with silkscreen

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Anna Bak (b. 1985, Denmark)

Ghost Dancers, 2015

Riso print with Puffy Ink silkscreen

Edition of 10

40 x 27 cm.

Signed, dated and numbered by the artist bottom front

About the artist

Anna Bak (b. 1985, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen. She took her Master in Fine Arts from The Funen Arts Academy in Denmark, with an supplementing exchange year with a Fulbright Scholarship, at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Bak is interested in stories that are based on conflicts between nature and culture as well as socio-cultural paradoxes. She examines the way people observe and relate to nature and geographical placement at an existential level; in particular post-industrial melancholy and melancholy associated with the loss of harmony with nature or ‘original’ culture.

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