Carl Johan Sennels

DKK 2.000,00

Sacrifice, 2018

Watercolor, acrylic and pencil on paper


Carl Johan Sennels (b. 1981, Denmark)

Sacrifice, 2018

Watercolor, acrylic and pencil on paper. Standard frame, glass front

Frame size: 32 x 26 cm. Paper size: 25 x 19,5 cm.

Signed and dated by the artist on verso

About the artist

Carl Johan Sennels (b. 1981, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen. Sennels graduated MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005.

Through drawings, paintings and mixed media collages Sennels’ practise includes both minimalistic ‘meditations’ on materials and surfaces, as well as imaginative, figurative works, in a widespread visual vocabulary influenced by Scandinavian expressionism, the natural world, psychedelic culture, folkloristic tales and poetry, as well as a private sphere of daily routines, fantasies and anxieties.

Sennels is among else represented at The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen and Paris Bar, Berlin