John Knuth

kr. 11.000,00

Sky 05, 2018

Mirrored Mylar and acrylic on board


John Knuth (b. 1978 US)

From the series Sky, 2018

Mirrored Mylar and acrylic on board

76 x 50 cm.

Signed and dated by the artist on verso

John Knuth continues to reinvent how an image is made, and how that process informs the work’s meaning. In his series, The Distorted Landscape reflects Knuth’s commitment to exploring how we make images of our changing landscape. To do this, Knuth employs Mylar, the highly reflective, razor-thin material often used for emergency blankets. The mirrored Mylar is layered in mountain silhouette forms, and as the material is cut, stapled, stretched and pulled, ripples form that cause the Mylar to distort. Thus The Distorted Landscape does not offer a fixed view of what the landscape is rather it proposes a vision of an ever-changing environment that shifts as we interact with it.

About the artist

John Knuth is born 1978 in US, currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He received an MFA from University of Southern California and a BFA from the University of Minnesota.

John Knuth’s multifaceted work explores themes of transcendence through material manipulation. Through his alchemical process, he transforms seemingly mundane materials into extraordinary objects. His investigative process bridges the disciplines of aesthetics and chemistry to reveal new avenues of perception.

For Knuth, the most basic level of alchemy can be transcendent. Whether he is working with sugar, smoke or insects, the common and fleeting are repurposed and given new meaning. Much of his project is centered on the natural world and its potential in the process of art-making. He intends to create something that is beyond the normal, daily existence or identity of his chosen material or participant.

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