Jon Stahn

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Seven Sisters, 2019


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Jon Stahn (b. 1969, Denmark)

Seven Sisters, 2019


Multiple edition candle light, cast by the artist

35 x 12 x 18 cm.

About the artist

Jon Stahn (b. 1969, Denmark). He graduated from the School of Sculpture Charlottenborg at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006.

Stahn’s artistic praxis is characterized by a multifaceted approach to a sculptor profession. His works portray a strong narrative arisen through a huge repository of experiences and an unabashed interest in the surrounding world, which in Stahn’s pictorial universe has been sampled and conveyed in a fiercely expressive imagery. The volatile and transcient are on par with the classical sculptor traditions. Fragmentary material such as fast food packaging and magazine clippings share the space with sculptures in bronze and marble, candlelight portraits and super-enlarged comic strips with found objects like sticks, plants and stones. Often the hierarchy is blurred completely between the found and fabricated and the space is populated by mysterious emblematic objects, references to art history and psychedelic images.