Nanna K. Hougaard

kr. 3.500,00

I/Earth/Machine/Driver, 2018

Digital print on aluminium


Nanna K. Hougaard (b. 1988, Denmark)

I/Earth/Machine/Driver, 2018

Digital print on aluminium

42 x 30 cm.

The series of works are digitalized hand drawn lines made under a bus ride


About the artist

Nanna K. Hougaard (b. 1988) is a Danish artist based between Copenhagen and Trondheim. 

Her interdisciplinary artistic research combines various materials, intuition, technology and scientific elements, often in dialogue with scientists. The works study Nature as a whole, across the organic and the cultural, while simultaneously drawing attention to the methods we create in order to understand it.  In her recent works, she uses algorithms, both as a material and a tool, to investigate how technology transforms the world, as well as our perception and access to knowledge.

Hougaard holds an MFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts (NTNU 2019) and a BA in Aesthetics & Culture and Art & Technology (AU/AAU 2015). She is the founder and curator of Underfladen, a platform for interdisciplinary events across art, music and science.

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