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German for Lovers

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Stine Marie Jacobsen (b. 1977, Denmark)

German for Lovers

Concept: Stine Marie Jacobsen
Publisher: Broken Dimanche Press. December 2020, 1st edition, 174 pages, Softcover 10.40 × 15.00 cm.

ISBN 978-3-943196-81-8, English. Book editor: Ida Bencke. Book design by Modem Studio. German proofreader and copy editors: Sabrina Dittus & Andrea Huyoff

The third in her series of hybrid German grammar books and films, Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen continues her exploration of the German language with German for Lovers (2020).

‘Educating’ readers about love and its relation to German grammar, German for Lovers playfully introduces how amorous communication would look like if it was to strictly follow German grammar rules and encourages us to make our own rules.

The German language has always been considered more close to math, efficiency and cold capital. The author invites us to take a deeper look into how German language hierarchies and syntax effect and shape our capacity to love. With both a ‘grammar love’ and ‘love of grammar’ – the book and film shares amusing misunderstandings and sayings heard in the German dating scene and shows us how to code-switch, gender-free and pidgin our German tongue.

Does how we speak affect our emotional behavior? Are there words for emotions in German which do not have an equivalent in other languages, that are untranslatable? How do we love in German? With what consequences?

Ja genau!
Genau da, Oh ja!

About the artist

Stine Marie Jacobsen (b. 1977, Denmark), is a conceptual artist working to decode individual and collective violence through participatory means.

Focusing on language, gender and psychology, she uses film as a starting point to create performative experiments and platforms for new ways of looking at ethics, identity, fear and trust. She lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts with an MFA and a BFA from CalArts, the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, USA. 

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