Zven Balslev

kr. 3.800,00

Signs III, 2022

Pen and ink on paper


Zven Balslev (b. 1977, Denmark)

From the series ‘Signs’ III, 2022

Pen and ecoline on paper, mounted on cardboard, framed by white lacquered wood behind glass

Paper size: 29,5 x 21 cm. Frame size: 43,5 x 31 cm.

Signed and dated on verso by the artist

About the artist

Zven Balslev (b. 1977, Denmark) currently lives and works in Copenhagen. He is a graduate MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2006.

Zven Balslev, who has focused his artistic practice on drawing and graphic art, has developed over time a characteristic and unique style. His works are rich and complex, colliding both mediums and themes: from the aesthetics of graphic fanzines to satirical sultriness and naivistic cartoons. Thus, his drawings show strong, dark yet humorous imagery.

Zven Balslev has produced a wide variety of graphic publications, which he transforms to art publications, books, fanzines, vinyl records and posters. His work is risky, surprising and goes beyond the predetermined. Therefore, it is presented and exhibited in alternative forms through the use of experimental graphics, texts, sound, design and printings methods. Between 1998 and 2010 Balslev was behind Smittekilde Publishing, and today he runs Cult Pump Publishing.

Zven Balslev is among else represented at The National Gallery of Denmark, The Royal Collection of Graphic Arts and The Danish Arts Foundation

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