Mette Rasmussen

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Navnet på mit hus, 2020


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Mette Rasmussen (b. 1993, Denmark)

Navnet på mit hus, 2020

Carved elm wood, enamel paint, ship’s lacquer

45 x 110 x 5 cm.

Signed and dated by the artist on verso

About the artist

Mette Rasmussen (b. 1993 in Denmark) graduated from Funen Art Academy in 2020.

Mette Rasmussen creates works that whirls around the erotic, lustful, demonic, and which create flickering images in the eerily domestic.

Fragmented fantasies about creatures from nordic folklore interwoven with the reason-based times we live in. There is a clear and contagious longing, that maybe the pagan and subjugated past is not gone. A dream, that trolls are living in the ventilation pipes at the workplace, or that you are most likely being secretly watched in a crevasse valley in the “Paradisbakkerne” on Bornholm. It just may be, that a retrospective approach can create a resonance between the unconscious life that is lived in the hills, and the conscious life that is lived in our everyday life.